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 Social Media Content + Product Photography 


Heather has a natural humour to her photography that perfectly pulls out the best in our own work. Her choice colour, props and angles create such a good story to our products. Receiving the finished shoot had us grinning ear to ear. Elsa + Sarah (Illustrators)

The Neighbourhood threat

Social Media Content + Product Photography

Heather really understands my products and knows how to make them look their best! She managed to give my business the look and identity it needs which is something I’ve not been able to do myself! Can’t recommend her enough! Holly (Creator)

Lucy & Yak

Photography & Social Media 

Heather is amazing, super creative and really great at taking a brief and running with it. She's full of amazing ideas and isn't afraid to try new things out. To top that she's also a really lovely person and will treat your brand like her own. Lucy (Founder)

Junkbox Apparel 

Social Media and Product Photography 

The pics are honestly FANTASTIC. I'm so so happy! They are better than I could have imagined. Carrie (Founder)

The V Word at Tessie's

Workshop Photography

I can't thank Heather enough. I love the snaps she took of the event. She really captured the energy in the room and the concentration on peoples faces. All while being as inconspicuous as possible, which is a real art. I would have her back anytime. Poppy  (Founder)

Critically Endangered Socks

 Social Media + Product Photography

Genuinely, you've done an amazing job! Thanks so much the images are truly lovely. You have been an absolute delight to work with. 

Dom (Founder)


Social Media + Etsy Product Photography

Heather took my t-shrits and did more than I could imagine with them! She is so creative, using layouts I never would have thought of! She has a great studio and really shows love and care for your brand. She is also a lovely gal! Ash (Creator)

Wren + Rye

Social Media + Product Photography

​I absolutely love them! Honestly, they're so so good. They're such a step up from what I've had before, I'm chuffed to bits. I can't wait to get the website finished and start using them on our socials! Ash (Maker)

Beckie Beans

Social Media + Etsy Product Photography

Your talent always blows me away but this time you’ve completely hit the nail on the head. I could have actually cried looking through these. Thank you so much for really bringing my products to life. You angel! Beckie (Illustator)

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